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Mexican Tarantulas

Tarantula Biodiversity in Mexico

Mexico holds the second place for the number of tarantula species in the world, and it very well could get the first place, but there have been only very few people undertaking the task of describing all tarantulas native to this country, making it highly unlikely that all species have already been discovered and described. Currently, there are 66 species described for the Mexican territory.

This is a list by genus, according to the latest catalog, version 10.0, by Norman I. Platnick, that you can look up in The World Spider Catalog.

Aphonopelma 24
Avicularia 1
Bonnetina 3
Brachypelma 14
Citharacanthus 1
Clavopelma 1
Cyclosternum 3
Hapalopus 1
Hemirrhagus 15
Metriopelma 1
Schizopelma 2
TOTAL 66 species

Enlisting by genus would be the following:

Photograph available where there is a link on the name.



anitahoffmannae Locht et al., 2005

bicoloratum Struchen, Brändle & Schmidt, 1996

braunshausenii Tesmoingt, 1996

caniceps (Simon, 1891)

cookei Smith, 1995

crinitum (Pocock, 1901)

duplex (Chamberlin, 1925)

eustathes (Chamberlin, 1940)

geotoma (Chamberlin, 1937)

gertschi Smith, 1995

griseum Chamberlin, 1940

hageni (Strand, 1906)

helluo (Simon, 1891)

hesperum (Chamberlin, 1917)

levii Smith, 1995

mooreae Smith, 1995

nayaritum Chamberlin, 1940

pallidum (F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1897)

platnicki Smith, 1995

ruedanum Chamberlin, 1940

rusticum (Simon, 1891)

serratum (Simon, 1891)

stoicum (Chamberlin, 1925)

truncatum (F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1897)


  panamensis (Simon, 1891)



alagoni Locht & Medina, 2008

cyaneifemur Vol, 2000 *

rudloffi Vol, 2001

papalutlensis (recién descrita por Jorge I. Mendoza)



albiceps Pocock, 1903

annitha Tesmoingt, Cleton & Verdez, 1997

auratum Schmidt, 1992

baumgarteni Smith, 1993

boehmei Schmidt & Klaas, 1993

emilia (White, 1856) *

epicureanum (Chamberlin, 1925)

hamorii Tesmoingt, Cleton & Verdez, 1997

kahlenbergi Rudloff, 2008

klaasi (Schmidt & Krause, 1994)

schroederi Rudloff, 2003

smithi (F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1897)

vagans (Ausserer, 1875)

verdezi Schmidt, 2003


  longipes (F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1897) *


  tamaulipeca (Chamberlin, 1937) *



macropus (Ausserer, 1875)

obscurum Simon, 1891

palomeranum West, 2000


  aldanus West, 2000



cervinus (Simon, 1891) *

chilango Pérez-Miles & Locht, 2003

coztic Pérez-Miles & Locht, 2003

elliotti (Gertsch, 1973)

eros Pérez-Miles & Locht, 2003

gertschi Pérez-Miles & Locht, 2003

grieta (Gertsch, 1982)

mitchelli (Gertsch, 1982)

nahuanus (Gertsch, 1982)

ocellatus Pérez-Miles & Locht, 2003

papalotl Pérez-Miles & Locht, 2003

pernix (Ausserer, 1875)

puebla (Gertsch, 1982)

reddelli (Gertsch, 1973)

stygius (Gertsch, 1971)


  breyeri (Becker, 1878) *



bicarinatum F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1897 *

sorkini Smith, 1995

Biologist Arturo Locht also reported the presence of Aphonopelma semmani (F. O. P. – Cambridge, 1897) in the south of Mexico.

According to Platnick’s catalog these are the only tarantulas described for Mexico. However, this is not accurate, since there are biologists, such as Arturo Locht, Jorge I. Mendoza, Rick West, myself, and others, who have found species other than those already described, and also others that are in the process of being described. This is why I also present photographs of Mexican tarantulas not included in the catalog, but can be found in Mexican territory. These are pictures taken of tarantulas from other countries that we have at the UMA, and pictures shared by other people with their names.

Here, you can read a very important essay written by Rick West about the genus Brachypelma in Mexico.

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Aphonopelma anitahoffmannae Aphonopelma anitahoffmannae male Aphonoplema anitahoffmannae
Aphonopelma bicoloratum Aphonopelma crinitum Aphonopelma mooreae
Aphonopelma serratum Aphonopelma semanni Aphonopelma semanni male
Aphonopelma sp Aphonopelma sp Aphonopelma sp
Aphonopelma stoicum Aphonopelma truncatum male  
Bonnetina alagoni Bonnetina alagoni Bonnetina cyaneifemur
Bonnetina papalutlensis Bonnetina rudloffi  
Brachypelma albiceps Brachypelma annitha Brachypelma auratum
Brachypelma auratum male Brachypelma baumgarteni Brachypelma boehmei
Brachypelma emilia Brachypelma emilia male Brachypelma epicueranum
Brachypelma epicueranum male Brachypelma kahlenbergi Brachypelma klaasi
Brachypelma klaasi male Brachypelma schroederi Brachypelma smithi
Brachypelma smithi male Brachypelma vagans Brachypelma vagans male
Brachypelma verdezi    
Citharacanthus longipes    
Crassicrus lamanai    
Cyclostemum sp Cyclostemum sp  
Hapalopus aldanus Hapalopus aldanus male  
Hemirrhagus reddelli    
Psalmopoeus sp    
Schizopelma bicarinatum Schizopelma sp.  


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