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Without a doubt, the unconditional support we have receive from many people has been a key factor in bringing this project to life, this is why I would like to thank and acknowledge the great support of our good friend, the great Rick West, for his views and help on a number of consultations; as well as the support provided by my great friends, Enrique Fanti and his wife, Veterinarian Laura Delgadillo; Biologist Martha Yañez, and Biologist Miguel Portillo.

I would also like to acknowledge three great people, Gina Alatorre, Mariano Villar Calvillo, and Roberto Garcia, who, guided by their conservationist spirit, selflessly lent a helping hand for a very long time; as well as Sofia Carballo, “Grillo”, for the endless days of selfless work she offered.

To my dearest friend Gabriel Matos, who generously volunteered to develop and bring this webpage to life.

All our thanks and appreciation go also to Biologist Enrique Godinez Cano from PETMMAL, and Oswaldo Barragan Silva from VANGUARDIA ACUARISTICA  who have always volunteered their support throughout this endeavor with donations of materials and many other types of help.

To my great friends, Biologist Gerardo Garcia of ARACNOFILIA Cancun for his great patience and support, and for having dedicated valuable time to correcting and editing the contents of this site; and, of course, to the unstoppable Biologist Roberto Rojo for his unwavering support.

I would also like to thank the personnel of SEMARNAT Guadalajara and Mexico City, especially Veterinarians Rafael Zermeño and Andres Gonzalez; and, of course, Biologists Alicia Lombardeo and Lilia Estrada for their endless patience with all the silly things I do.

A huge thanks to all the personnel and participants of the Foro Reptiles for all their direct and indirect support given to “Tarantulas of Mexico” UMA, and therefore, helping this incredible page in favor of bugs become a reality.

A BIG thank you to Cinthia Trejo and recognition for her hard work translating this page into English.

My greatest appreciation goes directly to my wife, Sofia. Without her faith in the project, none of this would have come to life. I also thank my children, Sofia “Grillo”, Rodrigo “Bicho”, and María “Pulga” for their patience.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all those who have believed in and given moral support to my project. Without them I would have given up on my dream a long time ago.


J. Rodrigo Orozco Torres

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