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Las tarántulas y sus mitos
Enemigos de las tarántulas
Ciclo biológico y reproducción
Tarántulas mexicanas
Primeros auxilios y enfermedades
Taxonomía y anatomía de las tarántulas
Situación legal
Status de poblaciones y mercado ilegal
Diferencias entre insectos y arácnidos
Otros arácnidos
Enlaces a otros sitios


According to Wikipedia, a biotope is an area of uniform environmental conditions that provides a living space for a group of flora and fauna. The word biotope is almost synonymous with the term habitat, except that habitat refers to the species or populations, while biotope refers to biological communities.

Here, I show you photographs of places where I have found the tarantulas that are listed under each one.

This will give you an idea of where they live, and under what circumstances. Just use your imagination to picture these places as being greener in the rainy season, and not as lush in the dry season. It is awesome to think that, for example, the Brachypelma auratum or a Brachypelma emilia live for almost six months in desert-like conditions, but, in the rainy season, everything will turn green and there will be an abundance of prey available that will help them get through the following dry season.


Brachypelma vagans

Brachypelma klaasi

Brachypelma klaasi

Brachypelma emilia

Brachypelma boehmei

Brachypelma baumgarteni

Brachypelma auratum

Aphonopelma bocoloratum

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