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Las tarántulas y sus mitos
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Ciclo biológico y reproducción
Tarántulas mexicanas
Primeros auxilios y enfermedades
Taxonomía y anatomía de las tarántulas
Situación legal
Status de poblaciones y mercado ilegal
Diferencias entre insectos y arácnidos
Otros arácnidos
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“Tarántulas de Mexico” has several purposes. Among them is the de-mystification education, awareness, reproduction in captivity, and shelter for various arthropods in captivity.

Through encounters, either at our “Tarántulas de Mexico” facilities, or at schools, companies, neighborhood associations, rural associations, etc., we provide informative lectures geared towards the protection of these creatures, speaking of their usefulness and reason for being part of this planet that humans, in our arrogance, consider as our exclusive property. We also discuss related issues, such as myths and truths, as well as biological cycles. We also talk about other arthropods that share the same negative reputation, such as the Uropygids (vinageroons), and Amblypygids (tailless whiptail scorpions, etc.)

At our facilities, we provide shelter to all tarantulas and scorpions confiscated by PROFEPA and SEMARNAT from illegal sale and trafficking, as well as tarantulas donated by people who cannot keep them for whatever reason. They are kept in the best possible conditions, and fed with the best nourishment possible: Crickets bred in captivity.

The purpose of breeding them in captivity is to flood the market of exotic animals with tarantulas bred in captivity, substituting those that were removed from their natural environments, therefore discouraging illegal poachers from these terrible activities, and leaving tarantulas at peace in their natural habitats, avoiding extinction.

With this page, and in laymen’s terms, we intend to answer any questions and eliminate fears in order to increase awareness and respect for these animals that, just like you and I, are living creatures that have the same right to live and not end up crushed under the soles of our shoes, victims of our ignorance.

I hope this information that I gladly share through this web-page proves useful to you. I would only like to remind you that the methods and solutions I provide here have worked for me, but should not be considered regulations .


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