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Biologist Rebeca Liliana Tejeda Villalobos

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Biological and Agricultural Sciences University Center (CUCBA), of the University of Guadalajara, where she graduated with honors. She first arrived at “Tarantulas of Mexico” in March, 2007 to learn about the activities performed at the UMA. She started coming daily to help with the feeding tasks, and to complete the hours required for her required social services.

To this date, she continues to work breeding tarantulas and scorpions, feeding them one by one, and tending to their general needs contributing to the UMA’s work in the conservation of these important arthropods. She also collaborates in a preservation unit for birds of prey, RAPAZ, handling and feeding these birds.

She conducted her professional practices at “BIOS Consultores Ambientales” (Environmental Consultants) where she performed monitoring tasks for species in extensive fauna preservation units, hunting activity reports, management plans for extensive and intensive preservation units, as well as environmental impact for construction companies.

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