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Container location


You should give a lot of thought to the location where you will be placing your container.

I always recommend that you have it in the same room you sleep in, since you will always be aware of the temperature this way.

I have only two more suggestions: It should be kept away from direct sunlight, since you could kill it by heat and dehydration due to the green-house effect; and lastly, keep it away from things that produce a lot of vibrations, such as sound systems, TV sets, etc.

Remember that tarantulas have a keen sense of touch, so they are very sensitive to vibrations. The fewer vibrations they feel, the less stressed out they will be. For example, if you put the container on the desk you write on, the simple vibrations caused by your writing will scare her, and so will the vibrations caused by the drawer opening and closing, etc.

In my personal experience, I have noticed that a tarantula is capable of sensing the vibrations caused by my steps at more than 3 meters away. Imagine what constant thumping or vibrating would do to her!

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