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Tarantulas definitely do not need any type or artificial lighting, so natural lighting is ideal.

Don’t waste your money buying special terrarium lamps, because you will never need them for your tarantulas. They get their solar energy transformed into protein through their prey. They never need to be exposed to the sun.

If you ever take your tarantulas out to sunbathe, never leave them inside the container, since they could die of dehydration!

If you place your tarantula next to a window, make sure the sun doesn’t hit it directly. I’m not saying the sun will hurt it, but the heat inside the container can be dangerous. Your tarantula might even enjoy sunbathing every once in a while.

If you are interested in watching its nocturnal activity and you think the light might bother it, especially if it is a tree-dweller, try purchasing a red light-bulb. They can´t perceive this light, and you can watch them without bothering them the least bit. Make sure the light-bulb and fixtures are out of its reach, because it could get burned.

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