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Keeping in mind that tarantulas never need sunlight, any drawer could work! However, several safety issues must be considered when caring for a tarantula.

Clear glass or acrylic containers are the best, because they allow us to watch the tarantula, make sure it has enough water, or see if she has eaten or not. Just keep in mind that acrylic tends to scratch easier than glass, but is much lighter.

Contenedor plástico
Acrylic container
Contenedor plástico
Glass container

Having stated that the best containers are made of acrylic or glass, now we should consider the size. This depends only on a single factor, and it is to know how your tarantula lives in the wild. Depending on how they make their dens, they can be divided into three groups: Tree-dwellers, semi-arboreal, and ground-dwellers. But for all cases, 5 gallon fish tanks or transporters are ideal.

There are two groups of ground dwellers, the diggers and the opportunistic burrowers. In both cases, the fish tanks should be placed horizontally.

Contenedor plástico
Opportunistic digger
Contenedor plástico
Contenedor plástico

For tree-dwelling tarantulas, the fish tanks should be placed vertically, since they will burrow at the top part of the fish tank. For semi-arboreal, you can choose either way, vertical or horizontal.

Arborícola Arborícola

Containers for tree-dwellers

For tree-dwellers or semi-arboreal, it is very important to consider the size of your tarantula, and never have more than twice its size as the distance between the top of your container and the top part of your substrate, otherwise, the risk of injury or death to your tarantula is very high if she should fall when exploring the area.

The bigger your container, the happier your tarantula will be. A happy tarantula will be rarely seen.

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